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Two-seater Pilotkart

Two-seater kart for you and your child

This kart is suitable for a child aged 4 to 5 driving under your control. The kart has seats for adults and children. Children’s seat is equipped with a safety belt There are two steering wheels on the kart — one for an adult who directly controls the kart and another one for a child, which allows him or her to get the maximum immersion in the racing under your control. The kart is equipped with engine Honda GX 270 9 HP allowing reaching up to 70 km/h. Great kart for a great family holiday!

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Kart features

Number: 2 items

Production: Russia

Age category: 18+

Engine: Honda GX 270

Power: 9 HP

Brakes: disk

Tires: VEGA

Weight: 100 кг

Speed: 70 km/h

Adult height: 160+ cm

Child height: 90-120 cm

Video review of the two-seater Pilotkart