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Festive Events in Karting Center

Children’s Birthday Parties

Birthday is the most significant holiday for a child, so you have to try hard to make it bright and memorable. Your children’s birthday party at the go-kart track will be a perfect option.

Surely, karting is not Formula 1, but children will get inexpressible emotions of controlling karts and will have an opportunity to compete with each other. A birthday party like this will be remembered for many years, and your child will recall it as one of the brightest moments of his or her life.

Event duration is at least 1 hour. The standard program includes 4 races per hour, each with 7-10 karts engaged, depending on children’s age. At your request, we may also arrange competition against the clock and awarding with memorable prizes at the end of the event.

Corporate events

Make your corporate event extraordinary! For you and your colleagues, we will arrange exciting karting races, with racing tournaments in different formats upon request.

Other festive events

Our Karting Center invites you to celebrate any event. Or just bring your friends and have a great time together!

Why us?

  1. Great
  2. High safety
  3. Advanced
  4. Track timing
  5. High-quality

Be sure to have a great time with our expertise in arranging corporate and children’s parties!

Celebration includes

4 races
with 10 karts
engaged per hour
Driving gear
Master classes

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