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Adults’ Pilotkar

Adults’ kart for real adrenaline junkies

This kart has been developed by the Pilotcard factory in Moscow in collaboration with MKS Racing Team. In coordination with our engineers’ recommendation, proper racer’s adjustment has been developed and the steering system has been improved, which will allow controlling the kart with maximum precision. This kart is equipped with engine Subaru 8 HP, which allows reaching up to 70 km/h on straight segments. High-quality asphalt coating of our track will unleash the full potential of your kart and boost the highest possible adrenaline rush and exciting emotions for adults and children aged 12+ and 140+ cm in height. Adjusting the pedals according to the height will make your race as comfortable as possible and will help to unleash the full potential of the kart.

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Kart features

Number: 15 items

Production: Russia

Age category: 12+

Engine: Subaru

Power: 8 HP

Brakes: disk

Tires: VEGA

Weight: 80 kg

Speed: 70 km/h

Height: 140+ cm

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