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Children’s Kart Patriot

Children’s kart for the youngest racers

This kart is designed for racers aged 8 to 12 and 120+ cm in height. This kart has an adjustable seat for a better adjustment of a racer’s position according to his or her height. The kart is equipped with a Japanese engine Honda 5.5 HP, which allows reaching up to 60 km/h on the long straight segments of our track. This kart may be used both for regular races and for training in our Karting School during group training sessions. The kart is equipped with an obligatory circular collision protection system. This kart is used for Karting School competitions. As for its dynamics, this kart is close to the Russian competitions sports series of Academy RAF. This kart is produced at the Patriot factory in Saint Petersburg.

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Kart features

Number: 10 items

Production: Russia

Age category: 8-12 Russia

Engine: Honda GX 160

Power: 5,5 HP

Brakes: disk

Tires: VEGA

Weight: 75 kg

Speed: 60 km/h

Height: 120+ cm

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