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Festive Events in Karting Center

Children's birthdays

Birthday is the biggest holiday for every child, that is why you need to make it bright and memorable. The great option would be to celebrate birthday at the karting track.

Kids will have positive emotions when they will compete with each other on the track. This type of birthday party will last in memory for a long time and leave a bright mark in the soul.

This activity lasts 2 to 3 hours. Standart events include 4 races per hour, each race having 10 karts. Also, there are options such as: organization of race competition, inviting a children animator and after the event will be a memorable gifts ceremony.

Corporate events

Make your corporate event amazing!

We will organize an amusing karting race for you and your colleagues, we can also suggest different types of race tournaments.

Other holidays

By the way, in our karting center you can celebrate any kind of holiday or you can just meet up with your friends and have a good time.

At your service: racing host, personal coach, cafe, karting and other.

Аренда трассы под Ваше мероприятие — от 37 000 руб./час

Что включено в аренду трассы?

Аренда оборудованной трассы на 1 ч
Экипировка + инструктаж
4 заезда по 10 мин
До 10 картов в заезде
Менеджер мероприятия
Размещение в кафе

Определи свой формат праздника!

Аренда трассы

Оборудованная трасса от 37 000 р./час

С ведущим соревнований

Добавит праздничное настроение, проведет соревнования и церемонию награждения, от 40 000 р./час

С тренером

Расскажет и покажет как управлять картом, проведет соревнования и мастер класс, от 45 000 р./час

Why us?

  1. Great
  2. High safety
  3. Advanced
  4. Track timing
  5. High-quality

Be sure to have a great time with our expertise in arranging corporate and children’s parties!

Celebration includes

4 races
with 10 karts
engaged per hour
Driving gear
Master classes

Contact information:

8 (926) 727-59-96
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